No Cloud Files

Rackspace Cloud Files was down for about an hour today. This had no effect on the connected CDN but it meant that all of my sites which use the Cloud Files API wouldn’t work. I contacted support, who told me there was a problem with the Cloud Files servers and that they would be posting the outage on their Rackspace Cloud Files Status blog shortly. Cloud Files must have been down for at least 15 minutes before they posted anything. I wish they would post to their status blog as soon as they have identified there is a problem. At least that way people like myself wouldn’t have to tie up their support channels with a question that could have easily been answered on their status page.

New Features?

While checking my Cloud Files account I noticed that there seem to be references to options which will enable users to move backup images to Cloud Files. I couldn’t actually find the buttons that would allow the move, but the interface shows image locations now and claims there is a move button.

To create an On-Demand image, click the New Image button below. Images located Cloud Files will remain even after deleting their parent server. Images located With Server will be deleted if you destroy their parent server. To move an image to Cloud Files, click the Move link in the table below.

I’ve been waiting for this feature for a long time. Storing my servers’ backups in Cloud Files means I can create a new server, try something for a few hours, back it up and then delete my server. Then a few days later I can load that saved server image from Cloud Files and continue where I left off. At the moment, as soon as I delete a server it’s gone for good.

I still am a big fan of Rackspace’s Cloud services and I am eagerly awaiting the ability to store my backups in Cloud Files.