iPad is finally here in Canada

I just pre-ordered my 16GB iPad 3G along with my $0.20 Rogers Micro SIM card even though I hope to eventually use Fido. Rogers data plans are not outrageous. They certainly could be better. Interestingly the 250MB for $15 is technically a little cheaper than the US one because of the exchange rate. The $35/month for 5GB is a little steep. I have 6GB for my iPhone and only pay $30. The combined data package sounds interesting. Hopefully Fido offers the same. I rarely use anywhere near 500MB a month so it would be great to use the extra 5.5GB for my iPad. Since the iPad is unlocked and the data plans are pay as you go it might be interesting to try out Bell or Telus. I’ll try Rogers a least for a month when I get my iPad and see what the data plans are for the other carriers. At the very least I’ll switch to Fido to take advantage of the data plan sharing feature.

Rogers blog iPad details: http://bit.ly/cKT5VY
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