Why Springloops’ deployment feature is awesome.

Springloops might seem like just another hosted Subversion service, but it has one amazing feature that sets it apart from all the other hosted Subversion services I have researched.
That feature is Deployment. Springloops provides the ability to deploy your code to multiple servers either by their web interface or automatically by just committing a file to your repository.

For example:
Let’s say you have 2 servers: a development server and a production server.
In Springloops’ web interface, you might configure your development server to deploy automatically on commit and set your production server to be manually deployed to. With a setup like this, developers can always have access to the latest version on the development server, and once development is finished, the code can be deployed to the production server. Any organization can easily fit Springloops in with their current development workflow.

Springloops pricing is pretty good. Plans range in price from free to $96 per month. The free plan only provides 100MB of space, 3 projects and 3 deployments per day. The seconds plan costs only $9 and allows 10 projects, 2GB of space and unlimited projects.

Don’t take my word for it, sign up for a free Springloops account and try it for yourself.

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