11 benefits of having a prosthetic eye covering

My prosthesis

  1. Contact lenses cost half as much.
  2. You can say cool things like, “I was getting my eye painted.”
  3. If you get something in your eye you can take it out.
  4. Cool nicknames such as One Eyed John.
  5. Great excuse for breaking things.
  6. Lack of depth perception cures your fear of heights.
  7. You can choose your own eye color.
  8. You can paint pictures on your eye.
  9. Your eye can turn upside down.
  10. Lack of depth perception causes you to see crazy things.
  11. You can frighten people with it.

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  1. Hi John,
    Make that 12 benefits of having a prosthetic eye. People with monocular vision have an advantage with target sports. With binocular vision the brain sees two images but we delude ourselves that we are only seeing one. It is only when we are truly drunk that we can see with clarity what the brain sees. With monocular vision you see things as they are. Another benefit is you can get as drunk as you like and you won’t get double vision. Something to think about.
    Back in the day the Australian championships for snooker was played out between two people who both had an artificial eye, or you could say a pair of eyes between them. James Bonner was to win that competition and become the Australian Champion. You can read his story here http://artificialeyes.net/stories/james-bonner-when-one-eye-is-better-than-two/

    PS Nice photo. It looks like a good artificial eye. It is delicate artwork. You should get your ocularist to sign it.

  2. My favorite is telling people “I’ll keep an eye out for you.” It’s an old joke but it still makes me laugh. On a more serious note I read recently about a professional hockey player with an artificial eye and he could keep his balance and play at a high level in sports using only the vision from one eye.

  3. I too only have one eye! Today is my 7th anniversary since it was taken out and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your wonderful insight to some benefits of have an artificial eye : D
    7 years ago, I was 14 and getting my surgery was the worst thing that could ever happen! I thought I would never be normal, have friends, look good, have a boyfriend, have kids, etc! I was terrified and now, 7 years later. I’m doing FINE! I kind of laugh, but I tend to cry sometimes about it and I just wanted to say thank you for making me smile- especially today!

  4. Thank you for that! My daughter, who is 18 months old had her eye removed due to cancer and although she’s none the wiser, we parents sometimes find it difficult to deal with. But I know she’ll be just fine and we’ll have a laugh about it rather than a cry when she’s older!

  5. New readers,

    I lost my eye at age 6. During that time I have made it a mission to love everything life has thrown at me. A question came up a few years ago, “do you think you think you excelled at things because you pushed yourself to overcome or do you think you would have been better”? I think a little of both, it really boils down to attitude and personal power.

    Life is a journey, live it to the fullest, be a glass half full and optimist. I guess I looked at it like this, it was better than losing them both…..

    If you recently lost an eye, I am so sorry for the lose. Now pick yourself up, recover and get back on that horse. There is still so much to do…….Good luck!

  6. I had no idea you could paint pictures on your prosthetic eye. My grandfather recently lost his eye due to cancer. He has been wanting a prosthetic eye ever since. I think I am going to look into getting him one for his birthday coming up next month.

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